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Our Team

Saowanee (Wanee)

Wanee is a Registered Massage Therapist who has graduated from WatPo and Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage Schools of Thailand, Bangkok. She has since completed two years (2,200 hours) of further training in Edmonton, Alberta. Wanee is a fully certified member in good standing of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association.

​Wanee is very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced therapist. She is trained in many massage techniques including: Traditional Thai, Thai Stem, Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Swedish, Reflexology, and Sport therapy.

Specialty: Traditional Thai Massage


Victoria is an RMT who is a compassionate and professional massage therapist with over 10 years of experience. She specializes in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massage and Hot stone Massage. Whether you are suffering from with pain or just the daily stresses of life, Victoria has the knowledge and techniques to provide quality massage treatments for all your needs and is able to provide recommendations for home care and stretching techniques to help you feel better. We and you are very lucky she is now part of our team. 

Registered Therapist

Pissamai (Fong)

Fong is a Registered Massage Therapist. Since her arrival in Canada, Fong has completed two years (2,200 hours) of massage therapy training in Edmonton, Alberta and is a fully certified member in good standing with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

​Fong is experienced in an array of techniques including Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Swedish, Sport Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Prenatal massage. Fong likes to blend massage techniques, adding some of her own touches to each therapy where the patient could find benefit; adding to the overall experience of a massage with her.

Specialty: Hot Stone Massage

Mr. Anuwat (Ohm)

Ohm is a fully certified RMT and has trained and is certified at Wat Po and Cheta Wan schools as well as obtaining his certificate in “Thai Warrior Massage” in Thailand

Ohm’s specialties are, Traditional Thai, Thai Oil, Thai Warrior and Thai Foot Massage. He also is fully trained and experienced in relaxation and deep tissue massage technics, all offered at our clinic.

What is “Thai Warrior Massage”? Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient traditional Thai therapy. Before the 13th century, this massage was used to heal injured warriors returning from war. The modern unique Thai warrior massage therapy from Thailand is a combination between traditional Thai massage and Ruesri Datton (Thai Hermit Exercise) also known as yoga massage. Ohm is one of very few massage therapists in Canada, that is trained and certified in this unique and centuries old modality.

Ohm is not only a well trained therapist, but a kind and caring professional who always puts his clients’ needs and wellbeing first.

Linh (Amy)

Amy has completed her 3000 hours and has received her certification from Makami College. She has traveled to Thailand to train at Wat Po and is certified in Thai, Thai oil and Thai foot massage. Deep Tissue, Relaxation Thai and Thai Oil Massage as her specialities. 

When it comes to her clients, she is passionate and caring.


Eden is a certified RMT with 3000 hours certification from Makami College. She is also trained in Thai and Thai Oil Massage techniques. Her specialties are Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Thai and Thai Oil Massage, Lymphatic massage, as well as cupping.

Eden is a therapist who is highly trained and deeply cares about all her clients. 


Fe is a certified RMT graduate of Makami College. Fe specializes in Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage. She has also received her certification in Myofascial Cupping. In 2019 Fe travelled to Thailand to complete her certification for Traditional Thai and Thai Oil Massage from Watpo and Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School. Fe is extremely knowledgable which adds to the experience and effectiveness of each treatment she gives.  

Porntip (Winnie) 

Winnie is a fully certified RMT; she studied at the WatPo and Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage Schools in Bangkok Thailand, and received her certificate in 2017. In Canada, she completed an additional 2 years (3000 hours) of training at Makami College, graduating with outstanding scores.

Winnie is a very friendly and caring therapist. She is passionate about helping clients improve their physical health. She is trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Traditional Thai, and Thai Oil massage. 

Doyeon (Stella)

Stella was originally trained in massage therapy in Korea. Upon her arrival in Canada she wanted to learn different techniques, so she spent an additional 2 years (3000 hours) training at Makami College to become a certified RMT in Canada. She is trained in Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage 

Specialties: Relaxation 

Rujiporn (Eve)

Eve completed her RMT certification after studying massage for 2 years at Makami College. She is also trained in Traditional Thai Massage from the WatPo and Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok. Eve is also trained in Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish Relaxation, and Thai Oil Massage.

Specialty: Deep Tissue

Suprattra (Jane)

Jane was born and raised in Thailand. She is a graduate of WATPO and CHETAWAN schools for professional Thai massage . At these schools she earned her certification for; ‘Professional Thai Massage Therapist’, ‘Advanced Thai Massage’,Thai Oil Massage and Aromatherapy’. Jane is also certified in ‘Foot Massage’. 
She specializes in, Swedish Deep Tissue, Thai oil traditional Thai massage/ foot massage.

Koyjai (Koi)

Koi qualifies as an RMT through Alberta’s association. She graduated from International Training Massage School, Thailand (ITM). Koi is trained in Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Thai Oil Table massage. Koi prides herself in spending her free time researching and learning new massage techniques to ensure that her massages will meet each client’s needs. She is a great listener and is passionate about massage therapy.